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Interview - Liam

So... where are you from?

Aberdeen, Scotland.

What got you into skating?

I used to board and one night Cam n Jed were giving me shit, saying skating was more fun so to prove them wrong I tried on Jed's skates and loved it.  Then it went on from there.

Where do you usually skate?

Westhill.  I Normally skate the park for a bit then move on somewhere from then.  The only place to warm up in hill is the park cause the rest is handrails or gaps.  Then Saturday is town day.

Who do you usually skate with?

Ma boy Cam and Eddie on the weekends.  When I'm in Spain, usually every holiday, I skate with Dave and Beni.

What is your main influence in skating?

Em... dunno. probably music more than skate vids.  I love a bit of Brain Fear Gone to get me juiced though.

So what music you into then?

Hip-hop mainly, no gangsta shit though, hate that.  But mainly skate video stuff, bit of rock and drum n bass as well.

What skates you hooked up with at the mo then?

Shima 2's with Reign Shaima 3 liners, grey cuffs, white plates, GC Gen 2's and random wheels.

Quite a nice set up.

yeh... fo sho

So whats your favourite vid at the mo?

Noir probably.  Fucking amazing.  Broskow just kills it.  New Razor vids cool though.  Doughty representing Scotland.  Like that.

Well cant be assed asking anything else... so cheers for that.

Aye. nae probs.  Anytime.

Shout outs?

Yeah, Dedication crew, ha ha... ugskate, Ask, Resistance and my boys in Spain - Dave and Beni.


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