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Interview - Jed

Where ya from Jed?

Nottingham, England.  Straight outta Sherwood.

How'd you get into skatin' then?

I was sick of Westhill and all my friends skated so I got a pair of Boxcars and started skatin' curbs with them.

What you ridin' on right now?

TRS Details with Kizer frames and lotsa different wheels.

Where do you normally skate?

Westhill, park and street.  Mainly park cos I'm a lazy bastard.

Who do you normally skate with?

Liam usually.

What gets you juiced for skating?

Watching my friends doin' shit.

What's your favorite vid at tha moment?

Has and always will be Millennium.  Also Coup De Tat, VG14 and VG11.  The second ASK edit is fuckin' amazing too.

You wont be skating for a while cos of injuries... how did that happen?

Well, we were down in Glasgow for the SYS comp when I spotted an 8 flat 9 set of steps that I had to try, but I neva made it.  My dick was black for a week!

What the fuck made you try that!?

Cus we were in Glasgow and I don't often go there so I wanted to make the trip worthwhile, plus guys were pushing me to do it.

Who's your favorite skater at the moment?

2 Guys - Jon Julio and Dustin Latimer.

Any shout outs?

Resistance crew, C.K., Richard, non skater friends, Alex.


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