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Welcome to the Resistance Crew's website.



Resistance is a group of skaters formed through their love of the art and friendship.  Resistance is an underground crew based in Aberdeen, Scotland but consist of members from places such as Marbella in Spain.  Our website will provide you with an insight into everything that takes place within resistance and the rolling world.  Please take a minute to browse the site and remember to post your comments in the Message Board.



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News - 7 December 2003

Update - New message board is up, register first before posting.


News - 18 September 2003

Update - Interviews added, couple of new pics.


News - 08 September 2003

Well, most of the site is finally up.  The Message Board, Links and Profiles sections have all been made.  Pics, videos and interviews will be coming soon too... check back for updates.


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